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Scrap Yards in Detroit

If you need a part – we’ve got it! Come out and look. Believe it or not, Scrap yards in Detroit have pretty much everything you would need for your car or truck. We at E&M Used Auto Parts have a thousand vehicles from which to take parts from.

We have some old, some recent year, and some very rare, hard to find vehicles to locate any part you may need.

Our staff is sure to find whatever part you are in need of and are able to rush a request if needed. We understand your time if valuable, and we always work as quickly as possible to satisfy your needs.

We purchase cars and trucks in all areas of the city and suburbs. Our car haulers are on the go early each morning and work all day.

Junk vehicles are such an important part of scrap yards in Detroit – and we are no exception. We like the “junk cars” because we know we can salvage great used parts for customers just like you. We also know you like the cash for your junk cars – and we are happy to pay you – We also have free towing for your junk car!

In and around the Detroit area there is a great need for used parts. Motor City has lots of aging autos in need of repair – why pay for a new part when scrap yards in Detroit can help you – E&M Used Auto Parts is all but guaranteed to have exactly what you need to get your used vehicle back on the road.

E&M has been a major source of supply in the Detroit area for decades. We have been in business since the 1960’s and have expanded every single year since we opened our doors. We have sold thousands of parts and helped keep cars across the state in great running condition.

Being one of the largest scrap yards in Detroit requires considerable space. We are located in the Canton, Detroit area with room to grow even beyond our 1,000+ car inventory!
Our motto is “Drive a little, Save a LOT”. Our prices are low and are our parts are always guaranteed.

We have licensed mechanics on staff that can help customers find the proper part they need to solve any of their cars problems. We also sell after market parts, and even new parts at a discounted price.

In connection with our used parts, we also sell used autos. We have cars, trucks – all kinds of vehicles in good repair that we sell for a very reasonable price. You will be sure to find good, reliable transportation if you buy from us.

Our qualified mechanics always make sure the vehicle is in great working condition before listing any vehicle for purchase. Be sure to have a look next time you come out to see us.

We are in compliance with all rules and regulations of the city, state and federal. Our help is always courteous, caring, and willing and able to help you with any decision concerning your purchase. Our business is based on trust. In this time of recession, every transaction helps someone. Scrap yards in Detroit play a big part of that.

As for the engines we have for sale, some are still in the vehicles and you can hear them running. The other ones have been well checked out by our mechanics before being listed for sale – and of course are all guaranteed. It does not make good sense to sell a bad engine!

It is in the best interest of all to be fair and honest and that’s how we’ve kept our customers happy over all the years at your favorite junk yard in Detroit. We at E&M Used Auto Parts in the Canton area will be looking for you. It’s just a short drive from Detroit – you’ll be glad you came!